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There really was such a thing as a Poorhouse! It was not just something your parents made up, like a boogeyman, to frighten you into saving your money and spending carefully and to discourage you from making excessive, greedy demands on the family budget. County Poorhouses dotted the United States throughout most of the 1800s.

 Site Purpose
To provide a clearinghouse for information about 19th century American Poorhouses for ... history buffs, genealogists, teachers/students, and others with a similar interest.

Site Goals
the Poorhouse Story to make records of all 19th century American Poorhouses accessible for genealogical or historical research
the Poorhouse Story to remove the secrecy which shrouds the poorhouse
the Poorhouse Story to make the history of the poorhouse more well known
the Poorhouse Story to dispel the negative image attached to poorhouse residence

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