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(That means I cannot tell you any more about how to locate specific poorhouse records, etc. 
than what is already posted on the website.)

I sympathize with your frustration if you are trying to find information about your ancestors who may have lived in a poorhouse!  (Been there, done that myself!)   But I cannot help for several reasons:
     1.  I do not have access to any poorhouse records except those for Washington County NY.
     2.  Everything I currently know about any poorhouse has already been posted on the website. 
     Just check in POORHOUSES BY STATE off the homepage and proceed from there.

     (To keep up with information about that poorhouse which we may post in the future, you may want
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     3.  There are several specific suggestions about ways to research to find those records yourself.
          They are posted on our RECORDS page.  Please refer to those suggestions.
     4.  Use the Rootsweb county e-mail lists to post such questions.  You are much more likely to find 
           find information about any local poorhouse from subscribers to such e-mail lists.
NOTE:  Any e-mail requesting that we provide further information or suggestions about locating records of interest to you in your personal research will be deleted without further response.  Sorry to be so tough -- but there simply is no time to do anything else!
Now ...

    If you have information to share with us about any poorhouse issue (i.e. history, or questions of general   
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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Linda Crannell
(aka = The Poorhouse Lady)