FORM LETTER DENYING  RECOGNITION  of the Legal Settlement (or Residence) of an Individual
(and a refusal to accept financial responsibility for his relief and support)

This is an excellent example of the large amount of correspondence involved in the extensive debate about the issue
of legal residence which was one of the most troublesome aspects of the old poor relief and poorhouse system. PHL

To the Overseers of the Poor, of the Town of Mexico in the County of Oxford, in the State of Maine.


Your Letter of the 28th of J(an?) explaining that John H. Flagg has fallen into distress and been furnished relief by your town, at the charge of the town of Canton, was duly received.

Upon inquiry, we are satisfied that this town is not the place of the lawful settlement of the said

We cannot therefore, cause his removal nor contribute towards his support.

Dated at Canton, this 2nd day of Feb, A.D. 1886.

Yours with respect,    Overseers of the Poor
     John Holland                  of
     A. K. Foltes                 Canton
     A. Delano


NOTE: I did my best to decipher this handwriting, but if you have knowledge of any of these individuals or feel certain that you know a spelling correction, please feel free to contact me at  Thanks, PHL

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