Page 4

     And it starts in a line ...

 These folks are “queuing up”
(as they might say in others parts of
  the world, but seldom in Texas)

With a little bit of luck you’ll find
only winning numbers in the bucket.

                … sometimes a very
long line.
                                             Waiting for a chance to draw a winning “ticket”


Each church that participates in Freeze Nights has a maximum capacity.  Nobody wants the unpleasant job of having to decide which of the people wanting to enjoy that hospitality gets to go along for the ride … and who gets left behind. So nobody decides; but everybody gets to choose!



This takes real concentration!

When everyone is lucky, there are no less spaces available at the churches than there are people who want to visit them.  Then every ticket has a lucky number.


When we’re not so lucky, only some of those numbers on the tickets are winners.  (But fear not! There are other options for those whose numbers do not get them a ticket to ride.  You can read about those alternate solutions later.)



And ride we do!