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Meanwhile, back at the center …
                things started at sundown.

When the sun sets on a winter night
at the corner of Nueces and Fourth Street …


… the gate at ARCH is locked at  4:00 PM.


Those who are receiving “case management” have  priority and receive overnight reservations. A lottery  is held for any additional spaces.



Actually, for some people at ARCH things start a lot earlier      than 4:00 PM!

The Freeze Night Coordinator hits the phones early in the morning … when the weather forecast officially confirms that
it is expected to freeze.


Often arrangements to locate a church to host the Freeze Night and coordinate with logistics teams can take all day.

The center can routinely  accommodate only seventy-
three men to sleep overnight.  That number can be
expanded to a maximum of about eighty-eight in an
emergency. But when the temperature soars down to
freezing or below, additional assistance is needed from
the community.

Several churches have volunteered to take turns hosting
as many of the men as possible on a Freeze Night for
which they have agreed to provide food and shelter

But when extreme weather forces many of the otherwise
more independent homeless to come in from the cold,
there are some times when even the combination of
spaces available at ARCH and at the host churches is exceeded.

Then a difficult choice must be made:

  Who will get to go out to the host churches?