Does your local history or genealogy society operate on a shoestring?
Are they always looking for new programs to offer?
Do they wish they could afford to bring in speakers?
Do you yourself wish you could sit down with The Poorhouse Lady to just listen and watch?
Consider this Virtual Presentation!

With a donation of $20 to support the upgrade, maintenance and further development of this website you will receive this DVD as a gift. (see below for ordering information)


            The Poorhouse Story website has been available absolutely free for over 13 years. It is a one-woman project. And as 
            a single, retired person living on a very limited retirement income, the costs have become quite a challenge. Your 
            donations will be very gratefully appreciated.

As The Poorhouse Lady, I have made many presentations to local genealogy and history societies over the years.  But as the budgets of those societies have tightened up and as the cost of travel and lodging have risen, such presentations have become more problematic.  So I began to fantasize about cloning the Poorhouse Lady to do virtual presentations!  When tools allowing amateurs to learn video editing became available I was struck by the notion that such a virtual presentation might become a reality rather than science fiction.

The next time someone extended an invitation to speak before their group, I ran the notion up the flagpole.  Instead of paying me a very modest speaker’s fee, would they like to use that money to purchase a one hour video of my lecture on a DVD?  When they realized they would also be left with a copy of the presentation – which they could keep in their library (for repeat performances!) a lot longer than I could stay with them personally – they jumped at the chance.

Then began the WORK of creating and producing the "virtual presentation" ... which was a real labor of love ... and quite a challenge!  Here is what the DVD includes.

       CHAPTER                                             CONTENTS                                                                                      TIME
60 min

       INTRODUCTION                        Overview of the Poorhouse Era (1830-1930)                                                  5 min
       EARLY TIMES                             Poor Relief Systems prior to  Poorhouses                                                        6 min
       REASONS                                    Why the Poorhouse System was Instituted                                                     16 min
                       (Who went to poorhouses? Why were there so many more "paupers" during the Poorhouse Era?)
                                                           Just in case you are surprise to find some ancestors there!
       BUILDINGS                                 What were Poorhouses like? (Many very different kinds!)                                 5 min
       GENEALOGY                           Why are Poorhouses a "goldmine" for genealogists?                                              6 min
                                           Where and How to find Poorhouse Records and Other Records of Poorhouse Inmates
       PRESERVATION                            What has happened (or is happening) to the old Poorhouse:                            8 min
                                                                     Buildings, Cemeteries, Records ... and Memories
      WEBSITE ORIENTATION *  Of course when the new website goes online these images and some of the        6 min
                                                      specifics of where to find things will become obsolete.  But the contents,
                                                       concepts, and organization will remain much the same.
       ebay                                                                      Why in the world?                                                                    5 min
                                               This online store may be the biggest "good news/bad news" story for local historians
                                               and genealogists when it comes to finding (or losing) poorhouse artifacts and records.
       POST SCRIPTS                                   What Poorhouse History Can Teach Us                                                     3 min
                                                                (and how those lessons may apply even today)
Important Notice: This is not a professionally produced video. It is amateur videography of a professional presentation. The material is well researched and presented in a well organized format.  While it is a "talking head" lecture, there are many illustrations and photographs to liven it up!  Formatted to run as either a running video or a DVD, you will be able to easily select which chapters you wish to use to fit the schedule of your meeting.  There are, however, changes in volume and color shifts at various places.  Those should be a minor inconvenience as long as you can make volume corrections while viewing the lecture.
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