Well, the MPR radio documentary has come and gone 
  and a great time was had by all !!!

But WAIT!  It's not entirely gone!
You can still see and/or hear a lot of  it.

RealPlayer is required to hear the audio tape.

Note: The tape link on the documentary website does not include the Q & A
(in which Mary Bakeman & the PHL
responded to the questions)

To hear the documentary plus the Q & A
click here on the archived Midday show
and click on that audio link


.Click here to go to the excellent webpage   
published by Minnesota Public Radio
to accompany the documentary
which aired on July 29, 2002

Be sure to check out all the sidebars and links!

  • interviews

  • songs & poems

  • photos

  • commentary

These audio tapes are presented here in RealPlayer format.  
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