Authentic Record of an AUCTION OF THE POOR (to the lowest bidder) of  Sandown NH [Rockingham Co.]  on March 19th 1832

Submitted by:  Sonny Slate 

On the back of this legal document, which has been typically tri-folded, in the place where the title is given, is the term shown to the left. We believe that it says "Articles of Vendue" -- a legal term using the French word "Vendue" (which means "Auction".)  
Our thanks to the folks on the NYHIST-L e-mail list who helped us figure this one out!  PHL  

Articles to vendue the Poor belonging to the Town of Sandown and supported by the Town agreeable to a vote passed in
town Meeting March 19th  1832 to the lowest bidder for one year
from the first day of April  AD. 1832 viz.

       Anna Harvey, Ruth Collins, Molly Blough,

Article 1st     The purchaser shall move the person or persons
he bids off to the place where he intends to support them.

Article 2nd    The purchaser shall provide the person or persons
he bids off with suitable Meats, and Drinks, Bedding mending,
Nursing, & Tobacco if needed, the Bedding belonging to the

poor is to go with them.

Article 3rd     If the purchaser shall refuse to take the person
or persons struck off to him, he shall pay all damages
that shall arise to the town by such refusal.

Article 4th     The Town will provide Clothing & pay Doctor's Bill
for the poor.

Article 5th     No person's bid shall be taken that in the opinion
of the Selectmen have not competent means of supporting them.

Josiah Hoit Jr.    Selectmen
Sanderson March 13, 1832  Joseph Y Ward        of
John Butler    Sandown



Anna Harvey bid of by Capt Daniel Hoyt at Seventy
five cents per week, and promise to fulfill according to
the within Articles
                                                                             Daniel Hoit

Ruth Collins bid of by David Pressey at Seventy four cents per week and I promise to fullfil according to the within Articles
                                                                         David M Pressey

Molly Clough bid of by David Pressey at eighty cents per week and I promise to fullfil according to the within Articles 
                                                                        David M Pressey 
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